Breaking News: Rediscovered Incas Lost Remedy Offers New Hope for Frustrated Diabetic Patients!

From constantly worrying about what to eat, to the physical and emotional toll of medication management, diabetes can be overwhelming.

Not to mention the struggle of financial strain!

Diabetes requires continuous supplies such as insulin, test strips, glucose meters, and doctor visits which are not always covered by medical insurance plans - making it more difficult to afford necessary treatments.

While modern medicine may be able to provide more advanced treatments for diabetes today…

But it's more fascinating to think about how ancient cultures like the Incas from 1400 to 1530 AD had already identified natural remedies that could help manage this condition centuries ago!

Incas knew the cure for centuries before diabetes became a

global health concern!

And this Diabetina Loose Tea they discovered is a testament to that! (So you DON’T have to rely on expensive medications that come with unwanted side effects!)

  • Help manage blood sugar levels
  • Stabilize blood pressure
  • Control insulin resistance and prevent its progression

The tea consists of all-natural ingredients, such as herbs, spices, and leaves, which work together to regulate blood sugar levels in the body.

It shows that even in ancient times, the Incas understood the importance of taking care of their bodies through natural means.

And unlike conventional medication for diabetes which may cause adverse reactions in some individuals, the Inca Empire formulated a herbal remedy that works naturally within your body without any harmful consequences! 

Here's Why...

It keeps my blood sugar stable.

“I am Andrea and I have diabetes - a tale of ups and downs, of frustration and hope, of learning to live with a chronic illness.

It started with the diagnosis, which came as a shock at first. I had always thought I was healthy, but suddenly everything changed. I had to start monitoring my blood sugar levels, taking medication, and watching what I ate. It wasn't easy at first. There were days when I felt like giving up - when my numbers just wouldn't cooperate no matter what I did.

But over time, things got better. With the help of my doctor and some lifestyle changes, and that's where Diabetina Loose Tea comes in. 

It might seem like a small thing - just a little herbal blend you add to your tea or water - but it can make all the difference in managing the symptoms.

For me personally, drinking this tea has helped me keep my blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. It's also given me an energy boost when I'm feeling sluggish or tired from dealing with this disease day in and day out.

So if you're struggling with diabetes like me, don't give up hope! I thank ancient Incas for discovering a remedy that makes life easier - including something as simple as a cup of tea!”


I’m no longer a slave to high blood pressure medications!  

“It was just another routine check-up at the doctor's office when I received news that would change my life forever.

I was diagnosed with hypertension and put on medication to control my blood pressure. It became a daily struggle to keep it under control, constantly monitoring what I ate and avoiding stressful situations.

That's when I stumbled upon Diabetina Loose Tea.

At first, I was really doubtful but when I read that the ingredients used and formulated by the Incas, I didn’t hesitate even a bit. After just a few weeks of drinking it regularly, I noticed significant changes in my health. My blood pressure readings were consistently lower than before, and even during times of stress or anxiety, they remained stable.

I can't say for sure that Diabetina Loose Teas are solely responsible for this improvement in my health – but I do know that since incorporating them into my daily routine, things have gotten much better.

Now, instead of feeling like a slave to medication and constant worry about heart health issues associated with high blood pressure levels, there is no longer any fear as long as these helpful little bags are around!”

Lorenzo S.

What I'm putting into my body is not only effective but also safe! 

“I have been struggling with insulin resistance for years now and it has been a constant battle trying to manage my blood sugar levels.

I've tried several different medications and lifestyle changes, but nothing seemed to work quite as well as I had hoped. No matter how expensive the medications and herbals I bought, nothing seemed to work.

But since incorporating this tea into my daily routine, I have noticed a significant improvement in my blood sugar levels. Not only that, but I also feel more energized and focused throughout the day.

The blend of herbs and spices in this tea works wonders in regulating insulin sensitivity. What's even better is that this tea is all-natural and contains no harmful chemicals or additives like some other products on the market do.

It's comforting to know that what I'm putting into my body is not only effective but also safe.”

Adeline F.

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get... 

Regulate Glucose Levels

By consuming these herbs regularly through diabetic tea bags, you may find it easier to regulate your glucose levels

Reduce Inflammation

Help reduce oxidative stress in the body and inflammation, which can lead to various complications associated with diabetes

Reduce Stress Hormones

Reduces cortisol production (stress hormone) resulting in better overall health for diabetics who face enormous mental tolls dealing with their conditions every day

Faster Metabolism

Improves digestion by speeding up metabolism which balances insulin production needed for proper glucose regulation

Boost Energy 

Increase satiety levels while also boosting energy without adding calories or harmful chemicals that could cause spikes in blood sugar levels as traditional herbs would do

Incas’ Carefully Crafted Ingredients That Are Extensively Helpful for Diabetes

Palo Azul 

Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in the herb can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation in the body.

Hoja de Mango (Mango Leaf) 

The extract can help lower blood sugar levels by increasing insulin production and improving glucose uptake in cells.


This can help regulate blood sugar levels and prevent spikes after meals.


It contains compounds called flavonoids and alkaloids which have anti-diabetic properties.

Palo Brazil

It contains flavonoids and other compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help prevent damage to cells and tissues caused by high blood sugar levels.


It contains antioxidants that can help reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Nopal (Cactus)

This plant contains high amounts of fiber which can help regulate blood sugar levels by slowing down the absorption of glucose in the bloodstream.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Verified Customer

“Thank you so much! Blessings 💗”

Ursula E.

Verified Customer

“Very happy with the tea🙏🏻”

Darryl S.

Verified Customer

“I like the benefits from drinking the tea it helps with my type 2 diabetes!”


Verified Customer

“Thank you so much blessing 💗”

Ursula E.

Verified Customer

“Very happy with the tea🙏🏻”

Darryl S

Verified Customer

“I like the benefits from drinking the tea it helps with my type 2 diabetes!”

Diabetina Loose Tea
Diabetina Loose Tea
Diabetina Loose Tea
Diabetina Loose Tea
Diabetina Loose Tea
Diabetina Loose Tea
Diabetina Loose Tea
Diabetina Loose Tea

"The diabetina loose tea has been a lifesaver for managing my blood sugar levels, providing a natural and delicious way to support my health."  
Maria Loisa F.

  • Help manage blood sugar levels
  • Stabilize blood pressure
  • Control insulin resistance and prevent its progression




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